The Lamb

Every week it seems I have a theme. A theme, a teaching, a truth, running through my head. Sometimes I know the origination and sometimes I don’t, but I always know the One who is expounding on it.

For the last few days it has been the sacrificial lamb. The sinner brought the lamb and the priest fully examined the lamb, NOT the sinner! This truth set me free some years ago, but it has set me free in more recent times when it comes to praying for healing. No longer do I wonder, “Will He?” Now……I simply examine the Lamb!

Studying Hebrews on Wednesday night, it hit me how Paul examined the lamb and stopped examining himself. He said he counted his education, his prestige, his high standing in the community, his weath, he counted it ALL dung and God even changed his name. His identity was changed!!!! He no longer looked for validation through those things, because he understood God would ONLY examine the lamb in Paul’s life. That Lamb being Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

My life was made new when I realized it’s NOT me that’s examined. It my Lamb!


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