He Promised

The Lord visited Sarah AS HE HAD SAID, and the Lord did for her AS HE HAD PROMISED. Gen 21:1

I love this! If we could only get to a point through study and time put in, that we believe what He says. God always does what He says and He had it written down for us so we will know.

At the beginning of Covid I asked Him “What is going on?” And He answered me! I heard loud and clear words in my spirit that said, “My promises.” I knew He was telling to find, hang on and believe His promises. But to do that, first I have to know WHO I AM. I am God’s child by adoption, through Christ Jesus. I am made righteous, NOT by my own goodness, for I have none! I am made righteous because Jesus made me righteous. Now I can boldly take the promises of God and apply them to my life, my situation, my problems. I overcome because He overcame.

Yes, He always does what He said He will do, but in your own personal life, you must KNOW what He said and then trust Him as your ABBA, your Father to deliver. When Satan comes telling you lies of what God is not going to do, you can rejoice that God is indeed at work doing that very thing!!! Satan’s lies and negativity is your confirmation.

If you can grasp these truths, your life will be on a course of peace, joy, provision, healing, and finally an eternity filled with the greatest joy, the greatest activities, the greatest purpose that we could possibly imagine! It’s a new life, in a new place! A place with no evil and all that evil contains. I don’t know about you, but I want to live the rest of my life, receiving His help and direction, finish the course with success and joy and move to my new homeland with Him.

He promised and I’m counting on it!


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