What"s In A Name

Is There Something In A Name?

Donald is derived from Gaelic Domhnall, meaning “world leader”. John is Hebrew and means “God is gracious”. Trump is German for “trumpet” or “drum”. In English it is “to excel, surpass, outdo” or in earlier English, it is “triumph”. Read together, “a world leader who will triumph under the grace of God”.                

Abram = ah- father, rah-high, exalted Added was Hebrew “hamon” or “multitude” “High father over a multitude” Sarai = to contend, strive, contentious, violent Sarah = princes.  

One name was not enough to cover the qualities of God that He wanted us to know He has, so He gave us at least 7 names! In Genesis Chapter 5 where we have the genealogy of Adam through Noah, there is  a secret code if you will, neatly tucked in there, yet easily discoverable.  Hidden in the account  at 49 letter intervals, are the names of Boaz, Ruth, Obed, Jesse, and David, in chronological order! The line of David for 5 generations, 500 years before David was born. There really is something in a name! Proverbs 22:1 - A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.


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