Go Tell It

Why do some people see themselves as the worst sinner to ever be born and others never seem to recognize their sinful state?

I gave my heart to the Lord at 13 and the years following were a constant battle between my flesh and my spirit. Years of self condemnation, all because I didn’t understand what Jesus did! Jesus doesn’t save you and then say, “Ok, now go live perfect!” No! What He does say is, “I’m your Savior, now let me save you this day and every day!”

I didn’t know I was a sinner until a preacher told me. I didn’t know I was born separated from God, until I heard a preacher tell it. Abraham didn’t know He was an idol worshipper until God called him out.

My precious daughter-in-love came to our house for the first time and saw a sign in our bathroom that said something about Jesus giving you a new life. She said that sign touched her and she knew NOTHING about Jesus. When  her soon to be father-in-love told her about Jesus, she was all ready to accept Him! I asked her, “Did you know you were a sinner?” She said, “No. I didn’t know anything about God or Jesus! I just knew my life wasn’t going to get any better.”

People must be told! It can be through something they read or hear. Through watching the life of a believer, or simply a sign you hang in your bathroom.

GO TELL IT! It’s the only way they will know.

Romans 10:14: But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him?

2 Timothy 1:8: So never be ashamed to tell others about our Lord.

That sign now has a special place in her guest room to remind her and all who enter, the new life she found in Jesus.


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