Giving Account

Giving Account

This is a common belief among many that they will give an account when they die. This is true in one sense but not in the sense that most people think. So you live a normal life. You partied as a young person, you’re divorced, you may have had an abortion. You drink or smoke or indulge in pot occasionally, but you’ve never murdered anyone! You work hard to provide for your family. You even go to church once or twice a year. Your life is decent and you suddenly drop dead of a heart attack and you must give account to an all HOLY God. “What did you do with your time on earth?” You think He’ll ask. What in the world are you going to say, faced with your creator, who is perfect and Holy? When you really put some thought into it, you realize it’s preposterous. Actually so much of what we think is purely preposterous! What could you possibly say to a Holy God that would convince Him of your deservance of His pure home and presence. When people came into contact with angels, as told in the Bible, “They fell down like dead me!” And you think you will stand there, before Holy God, making excuses, giving good reason you should be let in?

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Rom 3:23

For the wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23A

No, this is silly thinking by sinful, fallen man. We are born separated from God, with not one excuse. God became man to redeem us and our trust in what He did is our only way!

When God asks me what I did, I’ll say, “I accepted Jesus payment for me!”

Enough said.


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