Does The Holy Spirit Have You

Did you see the pastor and his wife that were at the recent Kansas City parade? They were standing right in the bulls eye, with their two children, when they heard the voice of the Holy Spirit urge them to leave, right before their favorite players were about to speak. They obeyed and left. The Holy Spirit had them!

Does the Holy Spirit have you? How many would have applied their logic after hearing the voice or experiencing the strong desire to leave? How many would think, “But my team, my fav’s are about to be out. I don’t want to leave!” Or “This is just me thinking that.” Sound familiar? But when the Holy Spirit has you, you learn to listen and obey.

My son after talking to someone who was being tempted to go the wrong way, applying logic to the situation and turning from God’s way, he said, “Just do it God’s way!” That struck me. To do it God’s way, the Holy Spirit has to have you! This is why the disciples were told not to do anything, but simply wait. Wait until the feast day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit would be given, in fulfillment of prophecy. That morning, at 9:00 AM, the Holy Spirit had them! They surrendered to the Holy Spirit and didn’t think, “Oh this is just me!”

Surrender today! Let the Holy Spirit have you! He will do things in your life that you could never do. Like save your life!


P.S. Read the book of Acts and tell the Lord you want the Holy Spirit to have you!

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