Giants In Your Life

Giants In Your Life

I’ve been doing a study of the giants in the Bible for a few months. It has once again opened my eyes and increased my understanding of the Bible, especially the OT 100%! It’s amazing what you don’t know until you know!

The cosmic chess match that started in the Garden is still at play today. God is not taken by surprise at the Devil’s moves. He knew Satan had infiltrated the entire Promised Land with giants, hybrids, created from fallen angels and women. They were so huge, so evil, so powerful, there was no way God’s people could win against them!!! But God had a plan and the plan would unfold to perfection, IF they would obey fully.

The world may be going to Hell in a hand basket but you don’t have to get in the basket! You may be surrounded by giants in your lives, enemies of Christ, the world literally siding with Satan, wreaking havoc, attacking you, just like the giants of old, but like David you can boldly face ANY giant, any problem. Boldly in faith and in confidence that God, your ABBA, will see you through, over, under, how ever is the best to bring you out. David, a young teenage boy, killed the enemy of Israel, by the power and Grace of God. Noah rose above the waters of destruction through obedience.

Find out who God is. Find out who Jesus is. Invite Him in and invite the Holy Spirit in. Surrender and obey and giants will fall before you. And as the world grows worse and worse, you can remain in peace as the fires of the giants burn all around you.


P.S.Mark your calendar for the next Preppers, March 14th, Giants, “Where are They Now?”

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