You Choose

The Bible tells us a truth. There were hybrid creatures on the earth. They were vile, evil, and powerful. They were created by angels and women. These hybrids were all over the world but concentrated in Canaan Land, after God called Abraham to go there and become THE nation of God. (Num. 13:1-2:21-23, 26-33)
400 years later, Moses sent spies in to check the situation out and only 2 of the 12 came back in faith, believing that it was God’s plan to take the land just as God had said. The others spewed words of logic and unbelief, infecting ALL the people.
Prior to 1948 Hitler was making fabulous speeches, turning beautiful Austria to his side. Buying the propaganda he was selling whole heartedly. But a wise, retired, Austrian Navy Captain, saw it for what it was, while his friends and family as a whole were listening and believing the lies.
“A half a year passed, and then came the moment when my husband called the family together and said, ‘Now we have to find out what is the will of God. Do we want to keep our material goods, our house, our estate, our friends - or do we want to keep our spiritual goods, our faith and honor? We cannot have both any longer.’ Then he looked at the children and said, ‘Listen, you can have money today and lose it tomorrow. The very same day you can start all over again, and that can happen more than once to you in your lifetime. But once you have lost your honor or your faith, then you are lost.’ There was no real question what God wanted. As a family it was decided that we wanted to keep Him. We understood that this means we had to get out (of Austria).”
As we face worse and worse times, we must see the Truth of the conflict. The 10 spies didn’t see it. The majority of the people of Austria didn’t see it. The vaccine proved most of the world didn’t  see it. What are you willing to give up to keep Him? Or should I say, what are you unwilling to give up for Him? You better decided now! The 10 spies lost out, as did the people of Austria! It matters what you do and how you think. It matters that you understand the cosmic chess match you’re living. It matters that you stay on His side, no matter how things look, or what the news says, or even what your family and friends say and think.
Choose ye THIS day whom you shall serve. Joshua 24:15 (One of the two spies that believed God and lived).
Quote taken from Maria, by Maria Von Trapp copyright 1972

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