Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget how foreign the Bible and the Truth is to man. I saw a clip on Instagram where someone asked a speaker this question, “Why would you choose to worship a creator God, who actually forbade men to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, one which you have obviously eaten from?”

From a dead spirit, a carnal view, it sounds like a good question. In the ears of a Spirit filled believer, it sounds like a ridiculous question! (God is spirit and you cannot know Him except in spirit, John 4:24.)

God did not create us as idiots! He created us highly intelligent, light years from what we are now. He never meant to keep knowledge from us, He wanted us to have free will and CHOOSE in our perfect state of being to love Him, choose Him, commune with Him and never choose to know evil. That tree was the knowledge of EVIL!

This was the speakers response: “The notion that God is trying to keep us down is the original lie. That I could become something that I was not by creation and that is the Son of God came into our world to provide a basis through His death and resurrection. I worship the kind of God who made me in His image and coded Himself into humanity.”

Who can understand God, the Trinity, the plan, the Bible apart from the spirit? No one! That is why you must be born again! That is why you must be baptized into the Holy Spirit. (John 3:7 & Eph 5:18) In the flesh it will NEVER make sense! So if you find yourself scratching your head at the Bible, then call on Jesus today to save you and fill you with His Spirit so that you can live your live in communion with God and not live a carnal life, stuck in the flesh and no knowing Truth. Blessings

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