Unholy Seperation

In a study of menopausal women, it was found that women who were teachers of young children faired far better than those who were not regularly around small children.  When I heard this, this fact furthered my belief that Satan is hard at work to divide families and to divide the body of Christ.  At our church we do have Children's Church, but we do not believe in dividing into elderly and youth, etc.  

When we were first married, the church we were in had monthly home groups and we accidentally signed up for the wrong group.  We signed up for a retired couples group.  Well, it proved to be such a blessing, people to this day that impacted our lives and we remember so fondly.  

The body should be that, a body.  We don't cut off a body part when it gets older, so why do we feel like separating the body of Christ from each other?  Children need adults. Teenagers, which was not even a word until the 1920's, need adults.  Young couples need the older, who have already lived through that and survived. In other words we all need each other.  The dividing of the body into groups in church is a work of the enemy!

When animals lose their ability to have babies they die, but women continue to live another 50 years.  Could it be that the reason is that the women were created to bless and assist with grandchildren?  You know, be a family?  

Think about it!  


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