Is It A Set-Up?

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We don’t understand, when Paul the writer of two thirds of the New Testament, today is once again attacked. Yes there are segments of the “church” preaching NOT to read the words of Paul! Now WHO would not want you to read the one man that the Holy Spirit revealed the entire plan of Christ as Savior of humanity too? Hmmmmm

Are we, you, being set up? I can see it! I see the set-up in individual lives. I see the enemy of the soul, the liar and thief coming in to literally set them up for… guessed it! Destruction!

No, he surely does not want you to read the words of Paul, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12

What part of that do we not understand, not believe? We think it’s our fellow man that we are warring but in truth it’s all a set up! Whatever he can get in with he will. Making you overly observant so you stay angry at people. Pray you become less observant. Anxiety, an overactive observance! Again pray God take it. A sensitivity to people’s words & looks. Yes, a set up! Sickness, a set up. Money problems, a set up. You name the problem and it’s Satan set up. A trap set just for YOU. If he can get you mad at your brother, if he can get you focused on your fears, if he can get you focused on your lack, on what you don’t have and what you need. If he can get you focused on your illness or focused on your millions in the bank, it’s ALL a set up!!!!

Just as an animal walks blindly into a trap, we walk into his! Is it easy to NOT walk into the trap? No! It takes study of who God is. It takes dedication and putting God ahead of your wants and desires, your sleep even, your illness. It takes faith that only comes when you’ve determined to do your due diligence to know Him personally.

We’re ALL set-up but Jesus paid the price to open the painful trap and free you, before you are devoured alive! The sooner you recognize, listen, learn and take seriously the incredible information Paul gave us, we can stay out of the trap, the set-up. Satan is a trafficker of humans. He wants children first, then men and women. Yes, it’s ALL a set up!

Determine today if YOU will be set-up!


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