God HATES Death

God HATES Death

While teaching 3/28/2024 for Preppers,  it hit me in revelation from the Holy Spirit, right in the middle of teaching! I was telling about the children raised TODAY in Israel, raised to be priest, who are from the tribe of Levi, and how they are meticulously  kept away from DEATH at all costs!

Suddenly I saw our children surround by death.! Death in TV and movies, death in schools, but it hit me like a ton of bricks…. And as James pointed out Wednesday night, the world celebrates death in festivals, parades and celebrations as a part of their religion. We don’t do that here, BECAUSE the people have primary based their lives on Christian principles, not pagan celebrations of death. But we do celebrate DEATH in video games!!!!  God showed me this.

We know TV, we know art, but I got a glimpse of God’s HATRED for video games! Shooting images of the very ones He died for and under the pretense or excuse we call entertainment.  Watching the life’s blood spray from their bodies on the screen. God said to make no vain image and here we make images that we can shoot, kill and spill their blood in mockery to God on a daily basis and even make money at it! It’s called entertainment but really it’s a spirit that draws children and men and women to DEATH.

It’s not simple entertainment. It’s a drawing to death, to draw you away from God!!!!! It’s a deceptive spirit that HATES God! It’s anathema to God! God is life, Christ is life and yet we will sit in His presence day and night, and indulge in death!!!! We are no different than the Romans in the Colosseum, longing for blood and death.

“Oh, but it not real”, I can hear people say. Neither are death statues that are worshipped and celebrated in other countries!

It’s ANTI God! It’s anti life! God hates death! Death is Gods enemy! Death will be thrown into the lake of fire and we sit in mockery and worship at deaths altar everyday through video games. Even the famous Barbara O’niel on Instagram said to allow boys to be boys and take some risk or “they will do it in video games”!

Now I know why some TV shows bother me so badly and I can’t watch them. Death, the enemy of God, that we call entertainment…..our children immersed in death. God help us!


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