The Sign Of The Red Heifers

I was startled and amazed when I got  one morning recently and received a news bite that an altar and ramp had been built in Israel for the offering of the Red Heifer!  We have been following the purchase of 5 red heifers from a ranch in Texas by Israel, facilitated by a Christian organization. 1 in 500,000 red heifers are found to be without spot or blemish, with not ONE white hair and having all the rest of the sought after colorings marking perfection. The heifers must be 3 years old, but not older than four, because as they age they lose their perfection. In 2022, five were purchased by the Temple Institute in Israel after several years of unsuccessful breeding, and these purchased must be used by this Saturday, 3/30/2024, a month prior to Passover.
So what’s the big deal? Well, one is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. The commandment of the burning of the Red Heifer was a perpetual law of God in Numbers 19 but fulfilled in Christ. It was for the cleansing of the priest, the people, and the instruments. Now in modern times, because they don’t know Jesus, not trusting in Jesus, it is to be used in the sacrifices of the upcoming, soon to be built Third Temple, where Jesus said a man would sit in the Temple proclaiming to be God. We know Him as the anti-Christ, but to the Jew, they believe the third Temple will usher in their Messiah that they have been waiting on for thousands of years.
To the Muslim, well this is where it gets interesting! Although the Temple Mount is not the number one holy place but rather the third. In Islam it is said to be the site of Mohammad’s flight to heaven on a winged donkey one night and then back home.
Jews typically are forbidden from going to the Temple Mount where the Al Asqa Mosque now sits, and not for the reason you may think! Not because of violence, not because of the mosque, but because they think they are considered unclean by God, for no red heifer has been offered to God to cleanse them!!!!
Are you starting to see the significance  of the Red Heifer? If the Israelites do offer the Red Heifer, which a Temple is not required to be there on the spot, simply offering it on or near the Temple Mount, facing where the door of the Tent of Meeting would be. (The Tent of Meeting or the Tabernacle was the Pre cursor to Solomon’s Temple.) when the red heifer is offered, which it will be, the Muslim world will go bonkers!!!! Why? Because they believe now the Jews can come on the Temple Mount, destroy their mosque and build their own Temple. The Jews have been kept away because of the lack of cleansing by the Red Heifer! Oct 7th was caused by this belief and spear headed by Hamas to destroy the Jews BEFORE they can offer the sacrifice of the Red Heifer.
To the Jew, they believe the Temple is for the world and there will be no peace without the third Temple and the Anti-Christ will be glad to play along and talk peace for a short time. Most of Israel is atheist and they don’t care about the third Temple but there is a very serious remnant that believes God, believes His commandments and tries to live by them, but doesn’t believe in Messiah. They will hopefully realize they were duped and give their hearts and then their lives, realizing Yeshua was their real Messiah, but for me and you, if you have already surrendered, you’ve been washed by the blood of the Lamb, get ready! For this may be the year! “Welcome home My good and faithful servant!”
While the world sleeps, God is actively at work fulfilling Bible prophecy, and getting ready to call His remnant home. Will you be one?

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