The Purse

The Purse
I went to Good Will and I put my purse down inside the buggy, thinking it’s safer down there, for I had this feeling that my purse was going to be stolen. I started off up front, where  they have color coordinated shelves and then moved to the back of the store. The whole time I kept feeling like someone was going to take my purse from the buggy! I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. I like looking at the books and as my head was turned the opposite way of the buggy to read the titles, I battled this nagging feeling that my purse was in danger but I told myself, “Oh your purse is fine!”But I never checked it! I never looked into the buggy.
I finally headed for the check out, looked down into the buggy and my purse was gone!!!!! I was in shock!!!!! I told someone who worked there and they called on the loud speaker a code 16. The manager came out and then went to check the cameras. The lady I told, began looking around the store. I went to my car, just to be sure I didn’t leave it there, but I knew I hadn’t, because from the time I walked in my purse was on my mind. Very unusual and not something typically I give that much thought to. The car door was locked, and oh, I had called the police at their instruction!
When I walked back in, I saw the lady that was helping me, walk across the front of the store with my purse in her hand! I couldn’t believe it. I looked inside and there was my wallet, intact. She found it sitting down in a buggy right where I had started! Evidently there was a buggy sitting there and I walked off with the wrong buggy! My purse sitting there unmolested for at least an hour, all the while the Spirit of God was telling me to check the buggy and I ignored Him!
I was so thankful, but so ashamed that I had not heeded the voice of the Lord. Why Lord? Why am I so slow to learn? I’m asking Him to help me not be so slow, but all the time, He was watching over my purse. So good! God is so very good!

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