Do You Want To Hear?

In talking with some family recently, one which is a teacher, I was told that many Christian parents have given up! They couldn’t find a find away to win against the world and the school system and they have given up. I am hearing more and more families battling astronomical odds, and losing! Why?

One reason is that Christ was kicked out of public school when I was a child. I don’t remember ever praying or being taught anything “religious”. The second reason is people have not been baptized into Christ death. Meaning they’ve never surrendered their “self” to him. The third is that the movement to be filled with theSpirit of the Living God was taught against, blasphemed, and without Him there is simply no power, no spirituality, no gifts, it’s all flesh.

What is a parent to do, when all they are left with is self? My own logic, my own reasoning to figure this thing out, that in all truth is spiritual! You can’t, is the answer. But people, Christians, trying to live for Christ, apart from the infilling of the Holy Spirit, are trying to use an eye dropper to put out a forest fire and it can’t be done.

The problem is, they have ears but they really don’t want to hear. They really don’t want to lay down self. They want the control. They really don’t want to hear what God says. The “what if’s” torment them. And the next thing you know, you have conflict and compromise in the family and no answer in sight.

Ask yourself, “Do I honest-to-goodness, really want to hear what God has to say to me about ME and about my family? Do I long for His guidance and no matter what it is, I WILL do it?” If the answer is “Yes”, then look to see what Jesus did as the man Christ Jesus and do the same. If the answer is “no”, then lay before the Lord in repentance, on your face, and ask Him to help you relinquish control. Your life and that of your family depends on it! Do you REALLY want to hear?


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