A Genie or A Daddy

I have been so pumped in my spirit since writing and thinking about my earthly Daddy and my Heavenly Daddy and I was chatting with a Spirit-filled believer who knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about! I was saying that “the Father is not a genie in a bottle” and I started thinking about that. What is the difference? A genie would give you what ever you desired.
Today people desire nothing of their Heavenly Father. They only desire carnal things of this world, like money, and they don’t really care who it comes  from, even from what the Bible calls “your father the Devil”.
A genie will give your desires that in turn will destroy you. A Daddy will say “No!” to you when necessary. A Daddy will see ahead, view the dangers His child faces, and put road blocks and send that sweet quiet voice of the Holy Spirit to say “Don’t go that way!” A Daddy leads the way for the child to follow. A child left to themselves, will destroy themselves. Think about this!
I like the little story that Agatha Von Trapp told in her book  Memories Before And After The Sound Of Music. Her father had paid a famous artist to give his daughter art lessons in Austria. The painter, after some months, asked Agatha to stop by his home after school to pick up a paint brush that he bought her. When she told her Daddy, Georg Von Trapp, he forbade her to go and he dismissed the painter from his daughter’s tutelage. Of course Agatha doesn’t think the painter had any untoward intentions, but her Daddy, her protector, her provider, stood in the way of a naive’ daughter, from possibly getting into a bad situation.
Yes, a Daddy, an Abba, a Father, is one that loves, protects and provides. This is our Great God with Whom I have been adopted as a daughter of Abraham. Yes, I can call Him Abba- Father!! Can you?

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