Yada (last one)

"This is why the first pillar is so important. There can be no yada without the promise of faithfulness. To the extent that you have experienced broken trust in your relationship, this must be repaired to provide the safety to be known. The more you trust, the more you can yada. And the deeper you yada, the more you can trust."

I so completely understand what she is saying. For self protection, I tend to withhold myself spiritually from everyone. I lived from the flesh for years, but the Baptism in the Holy Spirit put my spirit in union with God above my flesh. Even though my flesh fought me every step of the way and still does! But with knowledge comes deliverance, and the more I learn about God through my Lord Jesus, the more yada (the deeper my intimacy) becomes with Him. Surrendering those areas that my flesh wants to hold back. Those areas that my flesh says "You will get hurt, if you allow anyone, including God in there," which is a lie from the pit of Hell!

To know God is to yada (know intimately) Him and to surrender those scary areas to Him an and as I do that, I'm encouraged to do that with my husband.  The devil even goes so far as to tell me not to do that, because he might die and then I will be doubly hurt!   It's litteraly a protection mechanism that is faulty.  For horribly sad is the person who never loves as Jesus loves, or allows themselves to be loved, because of fear of hurt or loss.  

Come and join our Men's and Women's Growth Group and let's learn to do ALL things, including marriage and yada intimacy, God's way and I guarantee you, your life with be peaceful and satisfying.  Yada, it's where it's at!


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