Yada Continued

So many people, Christians, who had a rough go, and now have found a second love, are hesitating to get married. Why? Because they are afraid to yada (be known intimately). They are afraid if they completely enter into this intimate knowing, that they will be hurt again, so they choose to live together and now they indulge in a relationship with no nutrition, and no closeness (yada) that can never come without doing it God’s way. Because of fear and quite frankly a lack of yada (intimate knowing) with the Lord, they stay secluded in their own little world, and have some satisfaction in the relationship, but nothing like they could have. Fear of the past, fear of failure, fear of what the other person might do, robs us of yada (deep intimate knowing) with that person, as well as yada (deep intimate knowing) with God, for it is an area that we safely hold back from Him.

Could it be that marriage invites us into a vulnerability that teaches us about being vulnerable with God? No wonder Satan attacks this so vehemently! Satan robbed me early on of this intimacy. I approached Him, like I approached others, afraid of being hurt, afraid of what He might ask of me.

“Unfortunately, we learn how to hide even while we are naked. We figure out how to give our bodies while dressed in the armor of emotional self-protection. We split off the bodily experience of sex from the reality of being intimately known. And then we wonder why sex feels more alienating than satisfying.”

“There is no such thing as risk-free yada. God Himself took a risk when He created us for yada. Repeatedly, we reject Him, reinvent Him, and ignore Him as He pursues us. We give Him lip service of love while living our lives exactly as we please. We perform our spiritual duties while our affections toward Him are ice-cold.”


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