Yada Intimate Knowing Part 3

Are you so in love with Jesus and have the right foundation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit to be able to enter into this great yada (great intimacy) with Him, or do you run and hide on a regular basis?  

Without a proper foundation and without the power that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit, Yada (intimate knowing) will not come.  For you cannot Yada (know intimately) God in the flesh.  He is spirit.  This is why you can be saved and go to heaven and yet not Yada (know intimately) God, which only comes through the power of the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the very One who brings you into this yada, this drawing, this knowing.  

Sex and Yada

You can know someone sexually and NEVER enter yada (intimate knowing). It's all in the flesh and there is no love, no yada, no knowing intimately that person and this is NOT how God created sex to be.  Not a casual, fleshly, sexual hook up.  This is why Satan pushes so hard for casual sex, because it is the opposite of of God's designs and therefore a counterfeit!

Today, marriage is being attacked and people think they can live together and still love each other, but that is not as God designed it, and it is not entering into yada (deep intimate, satisfying knowing).  It's the same as trying to enter into yada (intimate knowing) with Jesus, but never asking Him to come into our lives and save us! We are simply trying to co-habit, live with Jesus, without entering yada (deep intimate knowing) with Him. He want's ALL of us, not just a pretend knowing, like living together is really a pretend commitment.  He wants access to every room of your heart.


PS More to come tomorrow

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