Outworking of the Spirit

Outworking of the Spirit

“What happens to the social attitudes of the people who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit?”

“So many earnest people today are convinced that if you believe in an individual experience of salvation through Jesus Christ, you can’t possibly be “socially concerned.” This of course, isn’t true. When people receive Christ and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, one of the most striking effects in their lives is that they become deeply and truly concerned over their fellow men and the condition of society. However, since at the same time they become much more aware of the reality of God in human affairs, their overall attitude may turn out to be quite different from that of the “social activists” who have perhaps despaired of accomplishing anything through spiritual means or of believing that God, if He exists at all, really takes any active part in those affairs.”

“‘Social concerns’ in the Christian is a by-product of the “Fruit” of the Holy Spirit, and it takes a while to grow! The Baptism of the Holy Spirit does not bring an instant answer to social problems. It takes time for the Holy Spirit to really change wrong attitudes, prejudices, etc. Again and again we draw back from things the Lord desires to accomplish. When the Christian draws back, however, he ‘loses his blessing’ for the time being - he grieves the Spirit.”

Let’s stop grieving the Spirit and surrender ourselves fully to Him. Let Him have you, all of you today.


Except from an exceptional book on the working of the Holy Spirit in baptism starting in the 50’s in the US called

Nine O’Clock In The Morning by Dennis J. Bennet, a Spirit filled Episcopalian priest, who had to leave the priesthood and traveled the world seeing people filled.

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