What A Life

I wish I had been like David as a child and young teen, but I’m so very thankful for where I am now! I was thinking about how David was confronted, or should I say walked into a situation. He simply was checking on his older brothers in obedience to his father, taking food to them and to the captain of their troop when he heard the most awful sound! A sound so evil, so vile, so blasphemous, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing! It was a hybrid, demonic creature, who hated God and God’s people. He was threatening God’s people and hurling vicious, vile obscenities at them and had been doing it night and day for 40 days. (40 days of temptation)

David was so incensed that this hybrid-thing, was actually defying the Living God that David loved. He called this hybrid creature an “uncircumcised enemy of God”. David, led by the Lord, rejecting the work of the flesh represented by Saul’s armor offer; David, led by the Spirit, delivered Israel from a mighty foe.

How calm he was. A very young teenager, totally confident and in peace, doing a man’s work, knowing that His Father (God) was with him as always and would never let him down.

How different my life could have been if I had had this knowledge. But I have it now! No longer do I worry and fret, but like David I walk into battle knowing where my victory will surely come from. What a life! A life of slaying one giant after an other! A life of triumph in Him.


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