My Daddy

I hate to tell this story because it shows how young and naive I was. After finishing basic training, it was my last day, hours from shipping out. I was in my dress blues, complete with a navy issued, quite ugly, black purse, wherein contained my first US Navy CASHED paycheck. I went to the office of ____, I can’t remember now, and asked the petty officer that I somewhat knew, to watch my purse while I went somewhere, that I can’t remember now. I put the purse on a shelf and when I came back a short time later the contents were gone and so was the “friend”! A hard lesson for an 18 year girl from a small town in the South. I didn’t know what to do and this is the best part of the story, I called my Daddy! I have thought about this so many times over the years. My Daddy was a rock in my life. I KNEW that what ever the situation, what ever the problem, my Daddy would fix it and fix it he did! He wired me money to get home, for someone stole every dime I had and I had no way of even leaving the base.

God, by adoption through Jesus, is my Daddy. As my Father, I have every right, as well as every confidence to call on Him in every situation and I KNOW He will fix it!

As my Heavenly Daddy, I KNOW that He will heal me when I am sick. What good father would not do all he could for a sick child?

I KNOW my Daddy will provide for me and I will never go without, for what good father would ever let his child suffer from lack?

I KNOW my Daddy will provide me love and joy. For what good father would not show his child deep love and affection and play joyfully with his child?

I know my Heavenly Daddy is good, because He gave me such a good earthy father to show me.

Maybe your earthy father wasn’t so great, but I’m sure God has shown you His love through other means. But for me, my Daddy was and is my constant reminder of a love far greater. A love so sure, that I can trust Him in every situation and a trust so sure, that even when I don’t understand, I know to obey will be blessings untold and never pain.

Yes, I KNOW I can call on my Heavenly Daddy, my ABBA and He will receive me, love me, answer me, show me, enable me, provide for me, heal me, warn me, protect me, shelter me, enjoy me, impart to me, cover me, forgive me, teach me, council me, direct me, shield me, correct me, ALL the things a good, good daddy would do.


Such sweet confidence. Such a sweet joy. The confidence and love of a child for her Daddy.


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