Woke Identity

Today the new “woke” word seems to be IDENTITY. Everyone is identifying as some-one or some-thing. It’s a planet I’m sure of lost souls, looking, searching, trying to figure out who exactly they are. “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I to do? Where will I go when I die?”

Many people are trying out sex, trying homo, (the same) sex, or trying to be trans, someone they aren’t, or  plain ole hook-ups. Some are checking out what it feels like to be an animal, or sexual encounters that defy the God given norm. Did you see the women speak out for Pedophilia? Just as the Bible says, “Without natural affection…). Everyone trying to find their identity.

I watched one man tell of his encounter with Jesus and as a young man in his early 20’s and told everything he identified with, everything he thought he was. But when he had an encounter with Jesus this all suddenly changed! Amazing how Jesus does that. He says you will be “born again” and He will take your “heart of stone”, the one that is blind and doesn’t care, and replace it with a “heart of flesh”, that can love and be loved.

So for the person who has the new heart and is saved, what happens to their identity? What happens with all they’ve tried and sought in the world? Is the teen still an animal, is the homosexual still a homosexual? Is the man who tried being a woman, is he still a woman?

The temptation may still come around, but no, they are no longer that by which they tried or even thought that they were. They are a “new creature”, and “the old has passed away”. This is why identity is so important and why Satan is after yours! He starts when you’re very young, warping it, moulding it to his liking. Implanting false thoughts and ideas. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

What a relief to find who you were really created to be! How good to know your purpose, your true identity and your future. How good to go through life with peace and surety that you have a Father who not only loves you, but will take care of you. How much better to identify as a child of the King, than any imposter in this world?

Think about how you identify today. It makes all the difference in the world!


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