There is an order to life that God created and if we get out of that order, things do not go well. Our friend told us that he has a dilemma every time he goes to the hardware store now. Many tools are shaped and referred to as "male" and "female", such as nuts and bolts. How do you use non-binary names for parts that are clearly binary?  Yes, that's a problem, because whether we like it or not, a plug is a male end, and an outlet has a female end.  It's the way things are no matter how much you as an individual may want to change it.

 In my business, my husband worked for me.  He was an employee.  He had do do it MY way, because I was the boss, but when we went home at night, I placed myself in subjection to him as the head of the house, the boss so to speak.  We knew, felt, and lived this order of things according to situation and circumstances we found ourselves in.

As a leader of any organization, the temptation to think of one person in particular can be strong.  I could be tempted to treat my husband differently at work, because he's in fact my husband.  But through the role of a leader, if I treated him differently, I would be doing my business no favors!  As a business owner and leader, I must think of the business first and it's success and the other employee's success depends on me.  If I make all the employees mad, and they quit and I'm left with just my husband and myself, then my business will have failed.  

Decisions are hard to make sometimes as a leader, but a leader should always think of the whole and not the individual.  Of course the employee's are thinking of themselves and yes, the leader does need to take their individual needs into consideration, but if one employee is being a cancer to the entire organization, there is nothing left to do but let them go.  No, the decision is not the best for the employee, but I can't help that they are not doing their job.  I must think of the good of the business and the other employees.  

God calls every man and woman to repentance, but if they will not yield, He as a leader and the boss turns them over to a reprobate mind.  A mind that no longer has a chance to know Him.         Rom 1:28 & 2 Tim 3:8.

Pray for your leaders!  They see things differently than the average person, and their responsibilities to the WHOLE are greater than what the individual can comprehend many times.  For their job may be harder than you think! If we look at the boarder crises, per individual, we may feel great sympathy and want to let them in, but this leads to letting in the equivalent of a whole states population every year. That is not good for the whole of the US.  

"I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty." 1 Tim 2:1-2


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