Unholy War

Unholy War
“I thought back to the memorable winter day in 1946. …reliving in memory the tumult and the agony that had been the birth pangs of the State of Israel. Far to the left I could trace the course of the road that runs southward from Jerusalem toward Bethlehem. It was on that road that Lydia and I and eight daughters (they took in) were living when, one evening in November, 1947, we were confronted with incredible news. We knew that hatred between Jews and Arabs had flared again since the United Nations had voted to partition Palestine to create a Jewish homeland. Still, had the children been small there might have been no danger. But five of our girls were teenagers now: at midnight a truckload of Arab soldiers were coming to rape and kill our Jewish daughters!”
Taken from Appointment In Jerusalem by Lydia Prince copyright 1960
I’ve never been to war, never been in a war, but I thought in most wars there was some civility shown to women and children, but not with these Moslem terror groups. Why attack the innocent children and the women? Because Satan came to steal, kill and destroy and these people are of their father the devil. We must choose sides! We must recognize the evil and not turn a blind eye to it. “I have come that thou may have life, and life more abundantly”, Jesus said and, “If you are not for Me, you are against me.” Jesus didn’t come to pillage, rape and murder.
At Rephidim (Exodus 17:8) they target those who are sick, the elderly, women and children, and anyone else at the back of the line struggling to keep up with those traveling to Sinai to receive God's laws (Deuteronomy 25:17 - 18). The Bible states they perform such acts of war because they do not fear God (Deuteronomy 25:18).
Be careful in the side that you choose.
Quote from Appointment in Jerusalem by Lydia Prince and a quote from The Genesis Six Conspiracy by Gary Wayne.

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