Why Won't He Answer?

Children call out to God for help when being abused, demonically attacked, etc.
*Many have felt abandoned by God in their times of greatest need, asking God for help but not receiving what was asked for. Does this mean that God doesn’t care or that He is ignoring our cries for help? When we cry out for Him, asking Him to stop the pain and suffering, we are communicating a universal desire to avoid hurt. That is not weakness, but it is human.
Take for instance Joyce Meyer who said “I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my father as far back as I can remember until I left home at the age of eighteen. You may be wondering, Joyce, where was God in all of this? He was there. He didn't get me out of the situation when I was a child, but He did give me the strength to get through it. It's true my father abused me and didn't love and protect me the way he should have, and at times it seemed no-one would ever help me and it would never end. But God always had a plan for my life, and He has redeemed me. He has taken what Satan meant for harm and turned it into something good (see Romans 8:28). He has taken away my shame and given me a double reward and recompense (see Isaiah 61:7).”
No matter what happened to you, you must see that Adam, our father, gave the authority to us, his children over to Satan. If we did call on God and seemingly nothing changed, it was a call for deliverance from “universal hurt”. It may sound like semantics, but God does everything legally and Satan has the legal rights to us UNTIL, we understand and call on God through Jesus, not simply for pain to stop, but rather recognizing Jesus as the Savior of the world, the One who died to free us from the legal power of the enemy.
“It may seem impossible, but God's truth has set me free from a life of pretense and lies and has restored my soul. I am living proof that nothing is too hard for God. And no matter what you've been through or how bad you hurt, there is hope! That's why I'm telling my story. You need to know how good God is and that your struggle is worth it. If you will give your life to Christ and really trust God, you can be completely healed and restored so you can live the life Jesus died for you to have. Don't give up!” JM

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