Does Jesus Accept Us As We Are?

Absolutely not!!! I hear the gasps!

We were having a discussion about the Lord with another Christian and Pastor made this statement and this got the fellow Christian up in arms!  They didn’t even what to learn and listen to the explanation. Sad!

So, does Jesus accept us as we are? No! He cannot. If He could, He would not have had to come as a man and die as a man, for the sins that we could NEVER pay, as the second, sinless Adam.

Have you read the Old Testament? Those people are just like you and me! They never could get it right within themselves. No one is born connected to God. We are born separated from our Creator because of sin. Jesus had to perform a legal act, by which He brought us back into fellowship with the One that made us. Drastic steps had to be taken. He had to die. He had to give His life. We had no way of coming to God. We would never even want Him on our own! Sin has us separated and dead. But in Christ we come alive, and are born again! We are made new.

So Jesus couldn’t accept us as we are, any more than a bank will let you pass, because you “thought” of making a payment but didn’t. In fact, we didn’t even think to come to God. His Spirit had to draw us! A dead man is just that, dead.

Words mean things, and we shouldn’t use words assuming everyone knows what we mean. It’s not simply semantics. When we say “Jesus accepts us as we are”, is an untrue statement. As Pastor pointed out, He CALLS us as we are! Big difference! He called us and paid the ultimate price for us. Let’s get it right and not be too proud to learn and make corrections where needed.


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