Daniel Decided

Daniel decided as a young boy, a young teenager actually, probably 14, that he was not going to be defiled by his captors religion or culture.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is going to vote in 2024 on censoring what they believe to be “miss”, “dis” or “mal”information concerning their rulings on our health. UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is going to participate in this as well. Keeping information from us and hiding information, a one world government system well underway. The WHO just came out against Israel and called for a cease-fire on behalf of Hamas and the civilians of Gaza that Hamas will not allow to evacuate. Whose side are they on? Not Israel! Funny, I never heard a word about Ukrainian civilians and I never saw news footage of Russia flyering the area before invading.  

Clearly a wicked anti-Christ agenda at work. Rumble just shut down yesterday in Brazil because of the governments censorship policy.

How much longer will we have the freedom of free speech in America? How much longer will we be able to share the truth of the Gospel on the Internet and on TV in America? According to Barna, after Covid, America is now down to only 4% of people believing the Bible and having and holding a “biblical worldview”, so I venture to say not long.

Daniel stood strong even as a young boy, can we do no less? Daniel faced demise head on. Can we do the same with the same confidence? Daniel was willing to die for what he believed. Are you? As our freedoms disappear, and the one world system advances, we must remember why Jesus came and that was to save and deliver us from evil.


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