Love Is All You Need

Love Is All You Need

“There are many things that happened to us that are not fair and are painful and it is often tempting to revert to old ways during those times, and begin to think that God does not love us or that He is not with us, but that is absolutely not true. God is watching over everything in our lives, and if we trust Him through our difficulties, we will eventually see that He works them out for our good. Romans 8:28.”

“Paul went on to pray that the believers would experience the love of God for themselves, Ephesians 3:18. 1 John 4:16 instructs us to understand, recognize, and be conscious of God’s love by observation. Watch for God‘s love in your life because it can be seen and experienced in many different ways. This exercise has been a source of great joy to me personally over the years. I have trained myself to watch for God‘s love, not taking any blessing in my life as coincidence, not even the tiny ones. This is one way I have found that I can be childlike in my daily relationship with the Lord.”

I lost my childhood to sexual abuse, violence, and fear. I never truly had an opportunity to be a carefree, trusting child, but God is a God of restoration, and He gives us back what the enemy has taken. Learn to approach your relationship with God as a little child, trusting Him, and depending on Him for everything.”

Because He really does love you!


From Joyce Meyer’s book, Healing The Soul of a Woman

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