The Highest Form of Service

The Highest Form of Service
Excerpt from Appointment in Jerusalem by Lydia Prince. A letter to her mother in 1928:
“You asked me what you can do to help. I believe there are some things that you – and every Christian – can do. In the midst of all the fighting God showed me something which has changed my whole outlook. I suddenly came to see that we Christians have a debt that has gone unpaid for many centuries – to Israel and to Jerusalem. It is to them that we owe the Bible, the prophets, the apostles, the Savior Himself. For far too long, we have forgotten this debt, but now the time has come for us to begin repaying it – and there are two ways that we can do this. 
First we need to repent of our sins against Israel: at best, our lack of gratitude and concern; at worst our open contempt and persecution. 
Then, out of true love and concern, we must pray as the Psalmist tells us, “for the peace of Jerusalem,” remembering that peace can only come to Jerusalem as Israel turns back to God. God has shown me that from now on to pray in this way for Jerusalem will be the highest form of service that I can render Him."


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