The Secrets Continue

The Secrets Continue
Yesterday I told you the secret message in the Hebrew language that   Psalm 119 was written in. There’s more to the story! Let’s look at the SECOND letter of every first word in the second stanza of Chapter 119, starting with verse 9 going through verse 16. Each word in these verses 9-16 start with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet which is Bet. Let’s look and see what word picture always accompanies the letter Bet. The word picture for Bet is House. It represents “in, inside, into”.
With this in mind let’s see what the secret message is in Psalm 119:9-16. These are my own interpretations utilizing the Bet that begins each verse.
Verse 9: A young man will cleanse his way by heeding and hiding Bet - INSIDE Alef, the Ox, the Fathers Word.
Verse 10: Bet INSIDE my heartI have sought You. Keep me safely Bet inside Your will.
Verse 11: Bet INSIDE Your Word I have hidden my heart, that I might not sin against You.
Verse 12: Bet INSIDE You are blessed. Teach me!
Verse 13: Bet IN your mouth are righteous judgments
Verse 14: Bet  INSIDE you, I will rejoice as if I had won a billion dollars!
Verse 15: I choose to hide Bet INSIDE the house of your precepts and think about and mediate Who You are.
Verse 16: I will hide myself Bet INSIDE the house of your statutes and I will read the Word and hide myself  Bet INSIDE Your blessed Word and not forget it, for the Holy Spirit will bring it up from the depths of my soul.

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