Unworldly Smart

Life regularly sends situations. Take for instance my son and daughter-in-love got home last night and there was a cute little bird perched in their living room. At 11:00 at night they had to deal with a bird in the house!

I used to respond to every crisis through emotion and logic. How are we going to get the bird out? And we can apply this to every situation, coming at it with logic and when we see no logical way, our emotions take over. Despair would often times take over because I saw no logical way out.

I don’t have a net! But my dear daughter-in-love made a profound statement last night. She said, “I am amazed at the knowledge that comes when you’re saved and filled with the Spirit. Things begin to make sense. Scripture comes alive and best of all, instead of falling apart when things happen, you can call out to the One Who made it ALL and say, “Lord, it’s after 11:00. I’m tired, but I have a bird in my living room. Can you tell me an easy way to get it out?”

Now listen! He speaks through a scripture that will come to your mind, or He speaks through what you may perceive as simply a thought. Pay attention! Ask Him to confirm. Lord, is this You speaking? He will let you know. Now, stay calm and proceed. Why have a melt down when your loving ABBA is for you and not against you? He created you for His fellowship. He enjoys downloading knowledge to you! He delights in rescuing you.

Don’t delay! If you want to be smart, if you want life changing knowledge, if you want your emotions under control, then call out to Jesus today for salvation and infilling of the Holy Spirit. It’s for everyone, but you’ve got to want it!


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