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I have a passion for Hebrew. Hebrew is a ideogramatic language, where pictures are used to describe a word. Having two boys that are very close, I especially like the word picture associated with the Hebrew word for brother. ACH or brother is the picture of a strong fence or “one who protects”. The word picture for mother is EM  and is “strong waters” or “life giving”But the best one is for the word Humble as Dr Frank T. Series point outs in his book Hebrew Word Pictures.
The picture for Humble, SHACH, is a “face down on the ground” humility. This is how you should humble yourself to someone who has overthrown the walls and conquered your city. The word picture describes this absolute humility as what happens when the conqueror has  destroyed the wall or the CHET.
He goes on to tell how the study of this Hebrew word picture changed his life. “When I had the knowledge of what it meant, I stopped and prayed for God‘s heart and insight. What I heard God tell me has changed my life, marriage, family, and ministry. He told me to knock down the walls that separated me from God, and then to knock down the walls that separated me from Sally. I am not to wait for God or Sally to knock down the walls in my life. I am to knock them down and leave nothing standing between God and me, and nothing between Sally and me. When I am hurt, stubborn and selfish that is the Hebrew word picture that I hate the most. But, when I have done what God calls me to do, when I have knocked down the walls, this becomes my favorite word picture, in Hebrew word pictures, the greatest gift comes not in understanding the picture, but in understanding, and then living the powerful truth that it represents.
Won’t you study the powerful word picture for Humble today and prostate yourself before God as if you have been overrun by an enemy (which you have) and there is in truth no hope, but to humble yourself and ask for mercy from your Abba, AB, your “Ox and House”. “Strength, leader, first, household,in,into,family”.

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