Forever Changed

Riding in the car with my daughter-in-love, Christmas music on the radio, the theme song for “Home Alone” came on. She said, “I’ll never hear the music to that movie the same! I will think, oh, that is the violin, that is the cello.” This was the day after we saw the Atlanta Symphony orchestra play the composition from the movie Home Alone. This made me think!

You know the story in Luke 7:1-10 with the Roman Centurion and the sick servant? I just read in a book about this story, and like my daughter-in-love now able to pick out the parts to that score and to see it, hear it, and enjoy it in a different way, is the same way with the Word. It never occurred to me that Jesus was sent to the Jew first. After His death and resurrection His followers were to take the Gospel to the Gentiles and then they could enter into covenant along side the Jew. Matt. 15:24.

Amazingly, the Jewish elders petitioned Jesus to help this Roman Centurion, who technically was the enemy! *”This centurion was Roman, which made him disqualified from receiving from the Lord at this present time.” I have read this story countless times and  never noticed the Jewish leaders petitioning Jesus, nor this line in Luke 7:5, “for he loves our nation, and has built us a synagogue.” Jesus went with these Jewish leaders and healed the Roman Centurion’s servant that he cared so much about, because the Jewish elders pleaded with Jesus to help this man. Why? Because he was a friend to the Jews and had built a synagogue for them to worship God and He truly loved and was interested in Israel as a nation.

I can hear the strings! I can hear the percussion! I can hear the plucking of the strings! I can hear the flute and horn! Like my daughter-in-love’s senses now open to the intricacy of the magical music put forth by a talented orchestra, the Bible is a beautifully written book, compiled by a trained orchestra if you will, of men moved upon by the Holy Spirit, to strum, pick, legato, beat and bang, to form a cohesive blend of magnificence! Words that when pointed out, become not just words, but words that are music to the ear. Words that can actually transform the very soul.

No, I will never read that story the same, anymore than my daughter-in-love will hear that score of music the same. Forever changed in our souls.  Let it change you.


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