Arrows to the Brain

Whenever my life goes down hill, it has always followed my brain!

I listened, as someone shared a recent victory but prior to the victory they had to fight through seasonal depression that was assailing, as well as all the lies that suddenly came very much like an assault by Hamas! Out of nowhere, Satan attacks! Bombards your mind with doubt, fear, depression and confusion.

This friend told me the Lord spoke to their spirit and said, “Don’t trust your feelings right now!” How easy it is for us to be swept away by our feelings, and feelings are rarely based on Truth. Truth being Jesus.

Life is interesting for the Spirit filled believer to say the least. Receiving downloads of information that are completely contrary and make no since to the world, but for the believer, are words of overpowering grace! Such as the Word they received, “Do NOT trust your feelings right now.”

My friend listened to the voice of the Holy Spirt, remembering the Word and God’s goodness. The seasonal depression, those arrows that fly by day (Ps 91:5), that have always plagued them, left!!!!!

Catch those arrows headed for your brain in mid air, with the Word of God! No matter what Satan tells you it is a lie! No matter what your feelings tell you, they are lies! Only God’s Word is true. Dwell on these things!

Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered. Prov 28:26


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