Know Your History

Abram, later called Abraham was called by God and promised a section of land that God said was His. Hagar, Abraham’s handmaiden who had a son with Abraham named Ishmael, who had 12 sons and became the Ishmaelites, and was given land by God around todays Saudi Arabia. (Gen 16) Did I say that Ishmael came from a dysfunctional family and hated Isaac? Isaac, Abraham’s son through his wife Sarah, inherited the promise of God’s land to his father Abraham.

Jacob and Esau, both sons of Isaac; Jacob receiving the blessing instead of Esau and Esau setting out to kill Jacob, (Gen. 27:41). Esau was given land but separate from Jacob.

Moab, was the son of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, with his eldest daughter after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Ammon, also son of Lot with his daughter. Yes, I said daughter! (Gen 10:30-38) this is todays Jordan.

This war is like the Hatfields and the McCoys! The whole conflict goes back to Sarah and Hagar. Hagar was an Egyptian. (Gen 16:4-5)

Sin has consequences! The anger and hatred passed down from generation to generation, to this very day; cousins coveting the Covenant that God Himself made with all their fathers Abraham,  through the line of Issac, but all were given land.

Why can’t everyone dwell together in peace? How often do divorced couples and all the kids born to different parents get along? I rest my case! But because there is a family feud going on, and lots and lots of opinions on the matter that will not end until Jesus defeats His enemies at the culmination of it all at the Battle of Armageddon, where Jesus will defeat the armies of the world and He will rule and reign from Jerusalem.  

Christianity and Judaism see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the rightful heir of God’s land. Islam sees the rightful heir as Ishmael. There is no solving this dispute! It’s up to God Himself to show the world who is right and who is wrong and He will! The sad thing is, the Covenant and land given to Abraham was to bless the world.

Read the Word! Know your history, so you won’t be found on the wrong side when the trumpet blasts!


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