How Do You Idenitfy?

Do you remember when God chose Saul to be the first king of Israel, not because God wanted them to have a king, for God Himself was to be their King, but the people wanted one, so God gave them Saul. The day Saul was to be anointed king, he was no where to be found! Why? Because he didn’t identify as a king! 1 Sam 10:22

Today we identify as homosexual or transgender or bisexual. We identify as a “victim”. We identify as alcoholics, drug abusers, sex addicts. Or how about computer nerds, pretty, ugly, smart, or dumb. We identify as Muslims, or Buddhist, Mormons, Catholic or Christian.  But in reality people are suffering from misplaced identity just like Saul! Saul could not see himself as king! That’s why he was hiding during his inauguration.

I talked with someone who adopted a child and the child has identity issues because his mother gave him up due to drugs. Abandonment is the child’s identity, even though a loving couple rescued, chose and adopted the child. Instead of seeing themselves as CHOSEN, their identity is abandoned!

A young man may become a homosexual due to a fathers rejection. That becomes his identity. Today, the western world is all about identity and Saul can be the key to the believers understanding of identity.

God called Saul! Yes, God Himself chose and called Saul to be king. God knew Saul did not have military experience or great battle strategy know how. He knew nothing about governing people, but God intended to make him the leader he needed to be, to benefit His people.

We must stop looking at how we perceive ourselves. We must stop looking for something to identity with! In the Middle East there is no identity but Muslim identity or death! But here in the West we fill up that God heart shaped, empty space in our lives with how we perceive ourselves, NOT how God sees us and that is in Jesus or out of Jesus.

If you’re in Jesus stop looking to how you feel! Stop making excuses for why you can’t be obedient. Stop hiding from God and your true identity like Saul! God sees you the way you are and IN Jesus. God has a great plan for you, to spend eternity with Him!

Middle Eastern Christians daily give their lives to identify with Christ. What will it take for you? Read 1 Cor 6:11 & 2 Cor 3:18 and begin to see that Christ is sending you and invitation for a new identity! Out with the old, in with the new!


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