Heed The Warning

In 1 King 15 we read about King Asa, the king of the divided Israel, the land of Judah. Asa was the 3rd king of Judah and the 5th in the line of David. He ruled for 41 years and the Bible said he did good in the sight of the Lord. Asa’s father and grandfather were wicked, but Asa chose another way.

Even though King Asa was a Godly ruler, who governed his people well, he was criticized by the Lord for aligning himself with king Aram. Hanani the prophet came to King Asa and told him what God had revealed to him. Hanani explained that he should have relied on God instead of king Aram to deal with the political situation.

King Asa was ENRAGED at the man of God and had him imprisoned! The Bible then mentions that King Asa started to mistreat many people because of his anger. Eventually, the king had developed a disease in his feet and instead of relying on God he sought out doctors and physicians for a cure. War followed the remainder of king Asa’s reign and he died of this disease.

God is sending us clear and undeniable signs of prophecy being fulfilled and many are shaking their fists in protest against God, His Word and His chosen nation. Are you angry at the One (Holy Spirit) or the one (a Holy Spirit anointed person) who sent you a warning?

Read the story of what happened to Asa and heed the warning! Time is short and eternity is long. Heed the warnings!


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