Is Our Country Dying?

Sociologist and Historian Carle Zimmerman from his book Family and Civilization, wrote in 1947 about the disintegration of cultures and how they always parallel the decline of the family. Read the eight threads that Zimmerman identified as running throughout each documented civilization that has come to ruin thus far:

Marriage loses its sacredness and divorce becomes common.
The traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony is lost.
Feminist movements abound
Public disrespect for parents and authority increase
Juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, and rebellion accelerate
People with traditional marriages refuse to accept family responsibilities
Desire for and acceptance of adultery grow
Interest in sexual perversions and sex-related crimes increase

Sound familiar? There is no hope for any civilization that abandons God. The law of atrophy at work. Pray for America and share with someone what Jesus has done for you!


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