Super To Your Natural

I went out this morning to pick okra and I walked by the green beans NOT expecting to receive one bean! A casual look will NOT do, for the beans hide! Even though the leaves are sparse, there is still enough to hide the beans, so upon a close inspection to my great surprise, since I had just picked them yesterday, there they were! More green beans!!!! I probably picked 3 quarts. But as I was picking, the scripture came to me about the king searching out a matter (Prov. 25:2). I thought if I don’t search for these beans, I can’t find them. They are not going to jump off the vine into my basket! And the verse starts out with “it’s the glory of God to conceal a matter”. I went through those beans 4 times! I had to look on top. I had to look over my head. I even bent down and turned my head up, to look upside down. I look sideways. Each time, to get a different perspective. And each time, I found at least one bean I didn’t see before.

We can live in the natural as believers. We can live according to what our senses tell us. But I heard somebody say, “He takes our natural and makes it SUPER”. Yes He does, but remember, concealment was stated in that scripture and Jesus spoke in parables to conceal. God’s Truth is concealed, hidden, like those beans were growing safely hidden, waiting just for me to seek them out and find them.

Seek Me and you WILL find me. When we start out, we hope, but we usually are NOT expecting, like I wasn’t expecting nor even hoping for beans today, and I was surprised. When you set your mind to find God, you WILL find Him. But He’s waiting on you to be done with the world. He’s waiting for you to realize there is nothing here to satisfy. His Truth and His gifts are there for the taking, but they’re concealed safely away until you’re ready. On the surface you see nothing. But God in His love and wisdom have them ready and waiting, but you have to desire them and you have to want them. Ask God today to give you a desire to search for Him. Don’t let your attitude, your circumstances, or what you can’t see or you can’t understand keep His secrets hidden from you. He’s pleased when you determine to search out hidden Truths and He promises to reveal them to you. He truly will add super to your natural, and you may just find beans where there was none!


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