It's So Very Simple

I’ve shared with you my own personal searching and questioning. We all do it. You know, try to figure life out and inside ourselves we come to what we feel is right and wrong and I am hearing more and more one common theme, “I don’t want anything to do with a God that allows such horrible suffering.” These people have pondered and examined in their own hearts and this is their conclusion. I could retrace through history societal woes and issues pondered by the philosophers and sages. Today it is the psychologist and psychiatrist and the most pressing issue of our day was the homosexual issue, which has now taken a back seat in the last several years to the transgender issue. “Science” and “Medicine” are telling us that a small child of four years old knows they are born in the wrong body. I have taught children for over 30 years and at four they don’t know their colors or how to read or their left hand from their right hand, so some evolutionary, miraculous process must have suddenly emerged that no child I know is part of, to cause such awareness at age four, but assuming these “professionals” are correct, then allow these children to vote!!!! If you’re pondering the questions, “Was I born this way?” It’s very simple to understand and if you do, you can be set free IF YOU WANT TO BE. Genesis 1:27 says, “God created humankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them, male and female He created them. There you have it! You were not born homosexual or transgender. You were born either male or female. You were born in God’s image, but you were sold down the river by a created angel named Lucifer, who wanted to be like and overthrow God, and separated from God. Sure you may have feelings and temptations, but that is the sin calling you. Jesus came, lived and died to set you free from Satan and sin and those powerful drives and bring you back to God. Yes, it’s that simple! Nothing you did to get into the situation, nothing to do to get out of the situation other than to understand the basic truths and call out to the One that can deliver you from the evil that simply wants to use you to mock God. Jesus is waiting and it’s really very simple! Rom 10:13

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