Hind Sight

Of course hind sight is 20/20 and you sure don’t want to come down to the end and have all these remembrances of Truth that you ignored.

You see, every believer I know has a story. An incredible story of before and after. I used to be so jealous of those who’s “before” wasn’t too bad, but now I’m more amazed by the intensity of the “before”, because it makes the miracle of “after” so much greater, so much more awe inspiring.

For me NOW, things are falling in place like a 2 year old’s jig-saw puzzle. I have knowledge and understanding that I never believed I would have and looking back I can say, “Wow! No wonder!” I can see before the KNOWLEDGE of Christ was full in my life and how even as a believer, I struggled terribly with life. I had to get knowledge and understanding in order for  my mind to be renewed. So here’s the key! What you think, is what you will be! What you think is who you really are. We must understand that yes, I have a body that houses my soul and my spirit. My soul is what I think with and feel with. My spirit was a mystery for so long. It’s the part of me that Came alive with Christ, and it’s the part that I know and talk to God through. It’s like a secret place that you have no way of even knowing about until it’s plugged into its power source. It’s dead until plugged in, but boy when it does get plugged in, life becomes much different! The body and soul begin to take a back seat. They fight back there and they scream and cry to get back in the drivers seat, but like my daughter-in-love posted a video of the lioness in the Lions King, walking shoulders high, confidently, knowingly, not with hind sight, but rather with foresight and great confidence, NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES! Knowing that no matter what the body and soul scream, she knows the spirit will prevail!

Get in the Word and find out what your missing in the Spirit and allow Jesus to baptize you into His Spirit, so that you too can strut boldly through life, unhindered by circumstances, and never coming to the end and finding yourself grieved over your hind site.


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