Stack Those Rocks

Stack Those Stones

Studying Saul on Sunday Mornings for Discipleship Training class at 10am, which you can watch on Facebook or on our church app (go to App Store and down load freedoms light app with the blue light house and turn on notifications within the app), I was telling how in 1 Samuel, Samuel was reminding the leaders about the goodness of God and their history.

This afternoon, my family watched a movie about the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crises we lived through. My daughter-in-love was only 14, so she doesn’t remember it. This reminded me of God telling Joshua to set up the stones after crossing the Jordan River, so that he could tell his children and their children about what the Lord had done.

After the movie we began recounting all the things we’ve live through. I was reminded of the horrible 70’s when financial turmoil hurt my family personally, the outrageous interest rates of the 80’s, the attack on America in 2001. That was the first day of a new business, a school that we had started, September 11th. The collapse of housing and many businesses in 2008, followed by the passing of Obama Care, which the last three took a HUGE toll on our businesses business, and now Covid, but it struck me! We survived and not only survived, but we didn’t lose! God maintained us through each crisis. Those are my stones that I have set up and I was recounting to my children and they remember many of them and lived to see God provide and get us through!

My son, who keeps close eye on the news said a while back he had intense fear grip him over the economy and the news, and he said, “I immediately said, ‘No! God will take care of us!’”And the fear left. He was able to do that because of the stones, the monuments, remembering all the things we’ve been through and even prospered through.

It’s so important to talk to your kids, even grown ones and tell them what God has done and is doing. This will build faith and hope for tomorrow, that they do desperately need. There is nothing like watching God work as a family and boy have we watched it! Get to stacking!


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