The Children Rulers

Niki Cruz talks a lot about the cruel violence among small children, starting at about 8, maybe younger. Killer children in gangs and this reminded me of the way young Muslim children are raised to hate and taught violence and killing. Then I thought of Hitler’s Youth. Hitler’s plan to indoctrinate the children and thereby take over the world. It nearly worked! Then I thought of Marxist ideology that swept through some countries overnight, turning the children into little walking, talking, communist manifesto’s which would tell on a disgruntled parent in a heart beat! What would you do? What will you do if it comes to America? What if you wake up tomorrow and the government is overthrown? Your children are on day one told to tell, if you say or do anything against the government’s wishes, or you dare to speak with them about God. Forget out right prayer! You will be in the goo-lag for sure, and your children wards of the state! Millions of parents have lived this very scenario over almost 6000 years, as Satan ALWAYS comes for the children.  

The children of Israel thrown into the Nile by the Egyptian government. The babies murdered by king Herod. The pagan cultures of all the ancient world, offering their babies and children in death to their gods and American parent’s today enraptured with selfishness. No time for their own children. No self control, but always seeking what makes themselves feel good, not what is best for their children. Parents everyday sacrificing their children on the altar of secular education, not caring what the child  believes when they come out. Only concerned with their ability to make the BIG bucks. When all along God can make them who they are to be.

Praise God I’m done, and I can truly say we trusted God and never sacrificed our kids on any altar. Never to self. Never to money. Never to sports. Never to education. We constantly laid them on the altar of the Lord, in good times and in bad. All that really counts is not what they do here, but where they will spend eternity.

Thank you Lord that I never had to be afraid of them. I never had to choose over them. I never had to hide my beliefs from them. I was never held hostage to them. But so many parents are and if you haven’t done your job by age 10, as Niki Cruz says, it’s going to be tuff to turn it around.

Life is flying by. Evil is gaining and encroaching. You have a very short time. What will you make of it? Who will rule, you or your child? Remember, children rulers become adult ruthless rulers. Never be held hostage to your child. They only know what they’re taught.


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