The Latest Sin

Abortion was passed by the US Senate in 1971. I was eight. I don’t remember the event, nor do I remember it being a conversation around the nightly dinner table. I was actually today trying to think back and asking if I ever recall hearing my parents talk amongst themselves or to me about abortion, and I cannot recall a time. I remember mid to late teens questioning in myself whether it was really wrong to “live together”, because that was the latest sin sweeping America. Again, no recollection of any one-on-one talks from my parents.

Every generation has its besetting sin. But Abortion was not and never was on my radar. I was very naive and like most teenagers thought “it couldn’t happen to me.” I can only think of one friend when I was 19, that I knew had an abortion and it was done before I even knew. So for me, I simply was not faced with the issue head on and for that I can only do one thing, and that is to sincerely thank my precious Lord that saved me from myself!

As the years went by, still abortion really had no bearing on my life, and I was never faced with friends or family having to decide. I wrested somewhat with the issue thinking of the poor girls, with no good choices. Always looking at it from the woman’s side, never the little life that was destroyed. I knew the church stance, so I too leaned that way, yet with a nagging pity for the girl caught in a bad situation with no good way out.

Then I read Jonathon Cahn’s new book, The Josiah Manifesto, and the passing of the first state in the union to legalize abortion and the then soon, the Supreme Court ruling of Roe vs Wade and the Jubilee, the 50th year to the very date, of the over-turning of the evil law. It’s a fascinating read and it made me stop and think, logic and ethics aside, what does God think about the killing of His precious little ones, that He knows personally in their mothers womb?

Sure, I can come up with logical reasons that Abortion is the best thing for the mother, the baby, society (Margret Saingers reason), but the truth of the matter that we all must consider when facing each new moral dilemma Satan sends our way, is what does God think? We can rationalize, apply logic and statistics, but the only thing that really matters, is what the One who made us thinks. He created us, He will see us to the end. Eternity is a long time to miss out with Him, because we chose to hang onto sin. Choose to use logic and reason verses righteousness and the leading of the Spirit, will get you where we are today, in a mess!

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8 is situated in the context of Isiah 54:1-55:13, a section of Isaiah where he focuses on how the everlasting love of God will heal the people of God’s sorrow by His grace.” Is 55:8

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