The Big Reveal

A friend was telling me about a conversation with another friend and this person is very confused in their beliefs. I heard it said that we cannot know God unless He reveals Himself to us. That statement really struck me! My friend knows God. Her friend does not. What is the difference?

God reveals Himself in a couple ways.
1) through the Bible
2) through Jesus
3) through the Holy Spirit

John 14:6

If you never have an opportunity to read a Bible, it’s ok, because no evil ruler can keep the Holy Spirit from you! And it’s amazing to know that Jesus is a common name in much of the world, even if He is not worshipped there.

Jesus said:
I Am the light of the world
I Am the bread of life
I Am the water of life
I Am the resurrection and the life
I Am peace and I give it to you
I call My own sheep by name

Death is coming for us all, but death is not in Jesus. Death will never consume the one who finds Jesus. Jesus is calling for you, trying to reveal Himself to YOU. He’s looking for YOU. He wants YOU to be reconciled to Him. No matter what! Ask Him to reveal Himself to YOU today.

You MUST be born again (spiritually). John 3:1-21


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