The Mighty Ones

Sure, every believer needs to get out and be a witness. The church does’t have the opportunities that we used to. As a licensed minister I have no special rights in the county jail where I live. I must go during visiting hours, just like family. Many times family must give up their right for me. Or how about being a chaplain for a hospice or hospital? I applied for the chaplaincy training and found out that as a chaplain, I must be available for all faiths and support the person in death, in their own faith, such as the Muslim faith. I couldn’t do that!

So how can the average believer tell anyone the good news? Well I’m glad you asked for our church may be small, but we have some mighty people! Take for instance the believer who had a deep conversation this morning with a neighbor. A neighbor who’s been told he’s unforgivable and hell awaits him. After setting him straight and offering hope, she went onto have lunch with another believer, encouraging her in her desire to stand strong and speak the truth to her grown child and grandchildren.

Then I heard from my own son who was led of the Lord to pray with his friend who called distressed about his hunting arrows not shooting right and the buck he shot and couldn’t find. He prayed with his friend, sharing his recent answer to prayer through a word of knowledge by the Holy Spirit, about his own misfiring arrows, that also witnessed to another friend involved and a short time later, he sent me a picture of his friend and his found trophy buck!

And my other son who shared with us about a couple, a messed up couple they met on vacation and told about the love of the Lord. And the photographer he witnessed to at the resort in  Barbados, who has the misconception of money and the “blissful” American life he had imagined.

And finally my brother-in- law, many miles away, but who is apart of us. Who was miraculously saved late in life, and who now talks to everyone he meets, stranger or friend, trying to tell people the love and deliverance he found. Never afraid to speak up. Never ashamed of his Lord.

We may not be a mega church, but we have mighty people. People who are in love with a Savior that rescued them. People who share that love every where they go, when the Lord brings someone across their paths and open the doors. To me, these are the true and the mighty! The ones who aren’t perfect, but know Truth and how to touch it. How to achieve it, and how to share it. Yes, these are the real hero’s! The one’s who just live life and share Gods love as they go.


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