Holy Ghost Hospital

The Holy Ghost Hospital

Well, I’m just getting over COVID again! This is the 3rd or 4th time, I’ve lost track. And the doctors tell me different things each time. The first time they gave us antibiotics. This time they say it’s a “virus,  antibiotics won’t work”. They gave my husband a prescription allergy nose spray, 6 prescription allergy pills of some sort and said to take over the counter allergy pills as well. Now that’s different! I treated us both with literally every remedy I have learned over the past few years. Did it help? I don’t really know, but we’re not in the hospital and we’re still alive. I’ve lost my voice and I am taking  prednizone that I had on hand.

But I was thinking how different life is now, after this dreaded man-made disease. It made me think of the people we’ve lost. It made me think of how many times we’ve suffered now under this horrible condition. I admit I’m weak! I didn’t fight it very hard. Tired. Tired of the fight. Home. I want to go home. That’s what I was thinking.

Young people must be so hopeless. We know one who took their life during the lock downs. Man killing man with deadly disease. Man killing man with drugs and politics. Drunk on power and no fear of God.

Our church is a hospital for these hopeless creatures and yet very few are brave enough to enter the ER doors, for fear of the unknown, so they stay out in the murderous streets of the familiar, until hopelessness consumes them. Never surrendering oneself to the Great Physician. The only true Healer man has ever known.

Jesus ran the biggest hospital in the world and no one left sick, that didn’t want to. Satan got me off track for a few days. Sickness, hopelessness filled my soul. Sadness engulfed me, but I’m coming back and I’m getting back in the game! I’m heading right back to that Holy Ghost hospital, for anyone who is brave enough to enter its doors and is willing to follow the Doctor’s orders. For those who will enter and listen and obey, deliverance, hope and healing are theirs.


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