Recall To Mind

Recall To Mind

This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. Lam 3:21

So much of what is recalled to our minds is bad. I believe this is the cause of so much depression today. Life has a way of hurting us seemingly from every angle, but we can control what we think about. Yes, Satan attacks our minds all the time but it’s up to us to capture those thoughts and say “NO”!

There’s no other explanation when Jesus said that He was about to be killed but for His Disciples not to be afraid and be of good cheer! How could He possibly say that under those circumstances? There is no other explanation that for us to keep our mind and our focus on Him and be led by the Spirit.

Today be mindful of what you think. Think deliberate things about how much Jesus loves you and you will then have hope and not despair.


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