Are You Ready?

People everywhere sense something is wrong. Christian, heathen, everyone. As one person told me this week, “Crazy things are happening that Astrodomes predicted in the 1600’s.” People will pay attention to that. According to my friend Astrodomes predicted the unprecedented heat wave much of the US is going through in 2023 as well as 9/11.  Did the Simpson’s predict the same? They are excellent at predicting future events!

Today Trump came out with a prediction that the government is going to shut us down again in order to ensure paper ballots must be used in not so free elections. He’s urging people NOT to participate. And have you heard they’re practicing for the epidemic Seers coming in 2025? Remember how they practiced for Covid, before there was a Covid?

Yes, in the last days they will call evil good and good evil. There will be rumors of war, famines and plaques. The world is in turmoil. What’s your explanation?

Get ready!


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